What is the relationship between Fingerprints and Palmistry?

Do both fingerprints and palmistry convey the same message?


Fingerprint is the impression of the first digit of our fingers on any surface by any medium whatsoever. The fingers, palms and the sole of the foot are covered  with friction skin due to presence of epidermal ridges. Due to the Locard Principle, which states the principle of contact and exchange of their respective marks on each other, we get the impression of these friction ridges on whatever we touch.


From an early period of Indus Valley civilization, where fingerprints embossed on clay tablets or clay seals were used to identify the clay utensil manufactures. The fingerprints have been extensively used for identification purposes, more so in India.


Exchange/Mortgage of property or money lending with the help of thumb impression on the documents have been going on from unknown times. Fingerprint also became a tool to Identifying individual traits/characteristics of a person in India and neighbouring countries. The “PUNDITS” in India had their own study of finger and palm prints. According to Indian astrology, the fingerprint patterns are of three kinds.


  1. CHAKRA :- Present day WHORL;
  2. SHANKH :- Present day ULNAR/RADIAL LOOP; and
  3. SHAKTI   :- Present day COMPOSITE Patterns.


As per the Palmists the presence of CHAKRA ( Whorl ) on different fingers have different values/meanings/traits, such as

  1. Thumb :-    A person with a strong “will-power”, leadership quality and controlling authority
  2. Index :-       Clear perception/aim.
  3. Middle :-     A person with organised skills, intuitive and curious to know newer . Such people can be good investigators.
  4. Ring :-   A person with good judgement skills. Perfection is the only motto.
  5. Little :-  A person with good verbal and written communication skills.


Similarly, some traits/characteristics have been assigned with presence of SHANKH/ LOOPS(ULNAR & RADIAL) and SHAKTI/Composites. Some astrologers have also assigned individual traits to Arches and Tented arches too.


Being accredited Finger Print Expert, I also tried reading astrology to find out the relationship between the two. On one hand I was being assured that the traits or the individual characteristics applauded by the astrologers are in reality showing the personality of an individual but on the other hand when I saw the Finger Print Record of all the arrested and convicted persons being maintained by the Police department to give report to judiciary about their previous criminal records, if any, for enhanced punishment, then these traits appeared to be false.


Today, I can decisively say that there is no relationship between the Finger Prints and Astrology. Nothing is being opined on the lines present on the palmar region as they don’t appear to be permanent throughout the life of an individual.




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