My experiences with FORENSICS In my childhood, I attended a marriage ceremony where after all the ceremonies/rituals/customs at bride’s place, we returned to the groom’s house. Now was the time for more customs. The newly Wed couple’s hands were smeared with turmeric based liquid and were asked to put their hand prints on the front wall near the entry door. More customs followed. But I was struck up as to why the bride and Read more about EXPERIENCES OF AN FORENSIC FINGERPRINT EXPERT[…]

How to record fingerprints?

​HOW TO TAKE FINGERPRINTS The  impressions of the papillary ridges on the top phallange of a finger by any means, are called taking or recording of fingerprints. The impressions made are reverse or the mirror image of the actual skin surface pattern. For recording of fingerprints, the following equipments are required:- 1. Printer’s black ink. 2. An inking plate or slab of glass or of metal for spreading ink. 3. A rubber roller for spreading/distributing Read more about How to record fingerprints?[…]