My experiences with FORENSICS
In my childhood, I attended a marriage ceremony where after all the ceremonies/rituals/customs at bride’s place, we returned to the groom’s house. Now was the time for more customs. The newly Wed couple’s hands were smeared with turmeric based liquid and were asked to put their hand prints on the front wall near the entry door. More customs followed. But I was struck up as to why the bride and bridegroom were made to put their hand prints on the newly painted wall. On my asking, my mother explained that it is for the purpose of identifying that this house belongs to newly wed couple.

I never imagined then that this custom of fixing identity will become my career or a passion.

Having passed my graduation in science, Post Graduate diploma in Business Management and half stage of Company Secretary from ICSI, I would get a call from Delhi Police to be a part of their yet to be  established FINGER PRINT BUREAU. Soon, I got the appointment letter. Though at that time 14 persons were selected but only senior seven were sent for one year FINGERPRINTS PROFICIENCY COURSE at Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1986. All the staff at CFPB/CBI were very enthusiastic about our training.

 SENIOR 7 Experts- Standing from left R K Vajpayee, Ashok Sachdeva, Palvinder Singh Chahal and Naresh Kumar Sharma, Sitting from left R K Rohella, Amar Pal Verma and Nagesh Kumar Vadhera (Author).

Mr. Lala Prashad, Director, CFPB, Mr. Y S Dikshittullu, Research Officer, and other senior officers gave us the best insight knowledge of Fingerprints and all the things associated with it.

We also gelled like staff members and one year long training finished with Delhi trainees bagging first three positions. On coming back to Delhi, we were entrusted with dual duties i.e. to teach our other colleagues who missed out on this one year training and to attend to various crime scenes. From the very beginning, due to our seniority and expertise, we were made to head the Crime Teams vising various types of scene of crime, from simple burglary, to house breaking, to robbery, dacoity, murder, suicide,etc. We were gaining in experience with every CRIME SCENE EXAMINATION.

Initially, we were accompanied by our junior colleagues but when they also ample experiences of handling crime scenes, we were based in main office to compare and to give opinion upon the matching or otherwise of chance prints developed and lifted by junior colleagues. In the meanwhile, the FINGER PRINT BUREAU, DELHI was officially declared to be India’s latest and 22nd Bureau by notification in official gazette by Government of India in 1987.

Along with the notification, our Bureau got sofisticated equipments including LASER, VIDEO SPECTRAL COMPARATOR, MICROSCOPES, COMPARATORS, Fingerprints Expert’s crime scene visitation and examination kits, Ninhydrin Chamber, and many more..

I prepared myself to work on all sophisticated equipments brought in. I never said no to changes, technology upgrades, new technology brought it, etc. With my own creativity, initiatives, dedication and devotion to duty first, time management, I was lucky to be liked by seniors. According to them, I had superior knowledge of handling and properly maintaining all types of men and machines.

I even had a stint of over five years at Police Training College, Delhi where I had good experience of imparting forensic science knowledge to all ranks of police officers from newly recruited constables to IPS officers. This was the period when I got a chance to work under the able leadership of Dr. Kiran Bedi, the then Jt. Commissioner(Trg).

On 26th January, 2014, I was honoured with the PRESIDENT POLICE MEDAL FOR MERITORIOUS SERVICES for my 28 years of selfless service.

In 2016, Delhi Police got more FORENSIC/FINGER PRINT EQUIPMENTS such as RUVIS, Cyanoacrylate fumigation chambers, digital cameras, Crimelite (HIGH INTENSITY LIGHT SOURCES), etc.

At present, I am researching in the following:-

1. Development of chance prints on vegetables and fruits only with RUVIS. The present status is very encouraging.

                         RUVIS LAB MODEL

2. Doing in-depth study of links between fingerprint patterns and human personality traits. This side of science is known as DERMATOGLYPHICS. More than 1000 research papers gave already been published from 1955 till date.

3.  Helping in customisation of AFPIS( AUTOMATED FINGERPRINTS AND PALM PRINTS IDENTIFICATION SYSTEM) for better working of fingerprint Expert’s in a professional way.






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