Personality traits and handwriting.

​What is graphology? 

Can handwriting tell the age and gender of the writer? 

What are the various characteristics of handwriting considered by graphologists in their analysis?

Is there any relationship between handwriting and personality traits of the writer?

For answer, read on.

Handwriting, like a fingerprint, is unique to its owner. Handwriting not only identifies it’s owner but also speak about that owner, his intelligence, his personality traits, etc. Cardinal Richelieu, (1585-1642), was the Chief Minister in Louis XIII’s time and a good administrator quoted

                                                  “Give me two lines of a man’s handwriting and I will hang him”

The relationship between handwriting and personality had been known from the ancient Chinese and Romans. In the present times, the graphology (study of handwriting) has come up with clearly defined rules and the opinion given by an experienced graphologist is being used for identification of criminal, measuring  intelligence and personality traits of the writer.
Today, due to technological advancement, experience of the graphologist, and other research work in this field, handwriting brings truth about the owner more accurately and closely than the third degree questioning by the investigating agencies.

Handwriting analysis for the personality traits is based on three zones or layers.

1.  The upper zone — spiritual and intelligence,

2.  The middle zone — social and day to day attitude,

3.  The lower zone — materialistic and subconscious instincts, emotional and sex drives.

Besides the analysis of three zones, the graphologists then minutely analyze the following characters in a handwriting sample:-

1.  The slant

2.   Pressure and speed

3.   Script size and formation

4.   Base line (straight or wavering)

5.   Form level (high, medium or low) essential for revealing intelligence

6.   Margins

7.   Spacing between letter, word and lines.

8.   Capital letters

9.   Small letters

10.  The capital I and letter t bar crossing

11.  Loops or lack of them

12.  Punctuation marks

13.  Signature

14.  Numerals

There are more than 5000 personality traits which can be linked to various types of above mentioned characteristics of handwriting.

People can hide their emotions, mask their personality traits but it is nearly impossible to deliberately change or bring variation in their handwriting style. Instead of forcefully making them confess for the crime, a thorough analysis of that criminal’s handwriting will divulge everything about that criminal.

The age and gender of the writer cannot be divulged from handwriting.

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