Personality traits from Fingerprints and Handwriting

Personality traits from Fingerprints and Handwriting

The Fingerprints and the Handwriting are two different fields, independent of each other, but both indicating the personality traits or behaviour a particular person. According to senior dermatoglyphic scientist, Mr. Nagesh Vadhera, senior scientist with Delhi Police, India, the development of brain and the ridges on the fingers start at the same time in the embryonic stage. Along with the simultaneous development of ridges on  Fingerprints and development of the brain lobes, a very deep relationship establishes between the two. Mr. Vadhera further emphasised that the relationship between fingerprint pattern and brain was first studied by  Dr. Harold Cummins(1955) and who is also regarded as the father of modern day Dermatoglyphics.

Dr. NehemIah Grew (1641-1712), also regarded as father of plant anatomy, was the first person to describe the ridges, furrows and sweat pores on human hands and sole of feet. He also described that the ridges flow from one direction to the other on the distal surface of the first phallange of human finger thereby making a unique design.

Different scientists and pioneers worked on Fingerprints and handwriting. Being into recognition from the ancient times, Fingerprints was more researched.

J E Purkinje, classified the fingerprint patterns into nine categories or groups. 

Sir Francis Galton, the father of fingerprint science, grouped the patterns into three main groups of ARCH, LOOP and WHORLS. Sir E R Henry classified fingerprint patterns into nine classes. 

Dr. Harold Cummins later described 37 classes of fingerprint patterns. The more the number of patterns, it is more easier to associate them to personality traits or physiological behaviour.

Similarly, handwriting too shows a close relationship with personality traits. Each and every character in the handwriting tell us about the writer as just like a person’s Fingerprints, his handwriting is also unique. Handwriting is regarded as the expression of mind. Whatever is going on in your mind, a graphologist is able to read/study it minutely through your style, continuity, pressure applied, slants, distance between letters and words, opened ‘a’ or ‘o’, etc. 
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