Fingerprints and Personality Traits — Plain Arch

Plain Arch

PLAIN ARCH is that type of pattern in which ridges enter upon one side, make a rise or a wave in the center and flow or tend to flow out upon the opposite side. Less than four percent fingers are having plain arch. It is among the rare patterns.

Person(s) with plain arch pattern are deep rooted loyal to their work, family, friends and society as a whole.  They worship their work but have very bad communication skill. They are mostly introvert, walk on the lines, lacks initiativeness, creativeness and dare not use new technology or system for fear of failure. They are very stubborn, will never change any decision, even if the decision taken will put him into losing position.
Due to their innate quality of loyalty, they are very good friends, good followers. For friendship, they can do anything. However, they lack leadership qualities. 

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