Fingerprints and Personality Traits – Whorls

WHORL consists of one or more ridges which make a complete circuit, with two deltas, between which, when an imaginary line is drawn, at least one recurving ridge within the inner pattern area is cut or touched.  

A whorl may be concentric, elliptical or spiral. 

The whorl is symbolic for self centered and attractive. The person having a whorl is self centered, likes compitition, likes to set objectives, rigorous, subjective does not like to be controlled, ambitious, self conscious, diverse, ability to complete two tasks at the same time.

6 thoughts on “Fingerprints and Personality Traits – Whorls

    • Thanks for going through this blog. This is third level method of fingerprints identification.
      I am a forensic scientist specialist in Fingerprints with 32 years experience.

  • Very informative very true also whorls traits.The person is multi tasking – Great Information.In older days it is very often said that person having all whorl is king-Again multi tasking person.Me Nagesh you have done commendable work. superb Blog.Hope more to come.

    • I hope to take all the learnings from you and other senior experts to much higher level. Keep on blessing, sir. I need your continuous guidance, support, encouragement and motivation.

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