Fingerprints and Personality Traits – Composite patterns.

Having already discussed about the personality traits associated with Fingerprints patterns Arch, Loops(Ulnar & Radial) and whorl, now is the time to discuss about Composite patterns. Composite patterns contains :-

1. Central Pocket Loop   

2. Twinned Loop.             

3. Lateral Pocket Loop    

4. Accidental

All the above patterns are combination of already discussed Arch, Loops and Whorls. The person(s) having the Composite patterns have the following personality traits:-

1. Very adaptable, 

2. thinks from different perspective, 

3. situational decision making, 

4. good communication abd coordination skills, 

5. distractive, 

6. expressive with leadership qualities, 

7. artistic, 

8. creates misunderstandings, 

9. occasionally offensive.
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