Polydactyly, Syndactyly and Oligodactyly

Being a Fingerprints expert, I have come across fingerprint impression slips of thousands of persons. Among them, though their numbers is below ten, are the persons who have more than five normal fingers. A term of “POLYDACTYLY” is used for the person having more than four fingers and a thumb. That means, a polydactyl person will have one or more extra finger(s).

A “SYNDACTYL” person is having webbed fingers, and an “OLIGODACTYL” will have less than normal number of fingers.  

During one of the searches for images of polydactyl person, I came across a image of Cuban born Yoandri Hernandez Gorrido, who had 6 flawlessly shaped fingers on each hands and 6 flawlessly shaped toes on each foot. I read about him on one of the blogs written on him. He is nicknamed “venticuatro” (meaning twenty four) and he quite proud of being called so. According to him, this polydactylism is blessing in disguise as his oversize hand help him climb coconut trees as well as pose with his outstretched hands for the tourists to take snap of his flawless polydactyl hands and toes. His rare extra finger on both hands are normal and does not disturb him in any way. Many Cuban orthopedic surgeon and doctors come to visit him to study his polydactylism.  Hernandez is the only one born with such condition in their family and due to his distinctiveness, he has become quite famous.

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