Titanic and Futility( by Morgan Robertson) – similarity.

In 1898, 14 years before the sinking of the Titanic, fantasy writer Morgan Robertson wrote the novel Futility, which told the story of a ship that was sunk — and which bore the name The Titan. But it wasn’t just the name where we can see an uncanny coincidence. Both the fictional (THE TITAN) and real ship (THE TITANIC) were described as unsinkable, had similar technical characteristics, lacked a suitable number of lifeboats, and collided Read more about Titanic and Futility( by Morgan Robertson) – similarity.[…]

 Sunday Laugh

Sunday humor: A middle-aged couple in a village loved to eat mushrooms, but branded mushrooms were not available in their locality and they heard that loose sold mushrooms often turned out to be poisonous. So they purchased and cooked some locally available mushrooms, deciding to try the food on the neighbour’s dog first who (neighbour) was their enemy. Even after two and a half hours of feeding, the dog did not die, so the couple Read more about  Sunday Laugh[…]