Sunday Laugh

Sunday humor:
A middle-aged couple in a village loved to eat mushrooms, but branded mushrooms were not available in their locality and they heard that loose sold mushrooms often turned out to be poisonous.

So they purchased and cooked some locally available mushrooms, deciding to try the food on the neighbour’s dog first who (neighbour) was their enemy. Even after two and a half hours of feeding, the dog did not die, so the couple felt relieved and relished their favourite item.
They just finished their meal when their youngest son returned from school with the news that the neighbour’s dog had just died.
Hearing the news, the couple almost fainted … With a heavy heart, the husband told his sobbing wife, “Darling, since both of us are going to leave this world soon, let us be truthful to each other once for all … I often wonder why our youngest son is so foolish and dull headed when the older two are so intelligent … are you sure he is my son?”
Wife, crying profusely by now, somehow expressed, “Dear, I will not hide anything from you now … The eldest one is Mr Sinha’s, the middle one is of Ramsingh’s, our previous chauffeur, and only the last one is actually yours!”
Just then, they heard a commotion outside, and went to the window to see what was happening in their neighbour’s compound … the youngest son also reached the window and commented, “Oh, that’s nice! … They have been able to capture the man who ran over the dog under his car!”

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