2 thoughts on “FORENSIC QUIZ -10 

  • I have been writing fiction since 2009 (since 2014
    more or less intensively) and have got one book written start to finish (and worked on it for a year after that, and it still is not completely done) and the thing
    which came to me as the most shocking and disappointing is
    not actually about what you write (story, sentence level et cetera) but
    about how you do it. The thing is that, as I’ve found out, you HAVE TO PLAN IT ALL before you even start
    writing the first sentence of your first chapter.
    I mean, the story, the characters, the setting must all be clear in your mind at that point (to some degree,
    at least) and written somewhere where you can look them up easily.My advice to every other aspiring writer – don’t traverse the unknown, plan it all before writing (or there’ll
    a hell’s load of text to rewrite when you find a mistake in plot/chatacter/any other important

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