Left Thumb Impression or Right Thumb Impression.

​QUESTION:- Why do officials ask for the left thumb impression in the case of males and the right thumb impression in the case of female while filling up a form?
ANSWER:- There is no enactment, it is just customary to distinguish between two males and females.
For requirement of signature or mark there is General Clauses Act.
Section 3 of the Act defines several terms one among them is SIGN and MARK AS FOLLOWS::
“”Sign”  with its grammatical variations and cognate expressions, shall, with  reference to a person who is unable to write his name, include, “mark”,  with its grammatical variation and cognate expressions, “.
The  use of LTI represents thumb mark of a man and the use of RTI represents  thumb mark of a women. Hence to give clarity to this aspect people use to  represent so which is followed as convention and custom and an  established custom becomes part of the system and gets recognition of  law of procedure. 
Because of such a convention there is no separate requirement to mention  about LTI or RTI. But if one wants to write RTI or LTI that is also  permissible.

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