May 31, 2017

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It's going to be good news for the FORENSIC EXPERTS /FINGERPRINT EXPERTS AND PROFICIENTS as the CFPB( CENTRAL FINGER PRINT BUREAU) under the able and guiding aegis of National Crime Records Bureau, MHA are  considering to start  5 day's FINGER PRINT EXPERTS/ PROFICIENTS REFRESHER COURSE in Delhi. In the recently concluded Conference of Finger Print Bureaux Directors held at Haryana Police Academy, Madhuban, Haryana on 30th and 31st, March, 2017 it was resolved to start


Posted by nageshkvadhera on May 27, 2017
  FINGERPRINTS AND PALMISTRY   What is the relationship between Fingerprints and Palmistry? Do both fingerprints and palmistry convey the same message?   Fingerprint is the impression of the first digit of our fingers on any surface by any medium whatsoever. The fingers, palms and the sole of the foot are covered  with friction skin due to presence of epidermal ridges. Due to the Locard Principle, which states the principle of contact and exchange of