Fingerprints and Personality Traits — Tented Arch

Tented Arch – Personality Traits Tented Arch is a pattern in which the ridges near the middle of the base are  having an upward thrust arranging themselves as it were on both sides of an axis towards which the adjoining ridges converge. The ridges thus converging give the pattern, the appearance of a ‘tent’ in shape. ​Person(s) with Tented Arch show the traits of extreme personalities. Sometimes they will welcome you with open arms and Read more about Fingerprints and Personality Traits — Tented Arch[…]

Fingerprints and Personality Traits — Plain Arch

Fingerprint ridges and the brain lobes develop simultaneously in the womb. The two things have direct relationships. From fingerprint patterns we can decipher the personality traits, behaviour, attitude, innate qualities, etc. Taking one pattern at a time, let’s see what that pattern tells.